Monday, September 24, 2012


Fall is finally here.  I'm exited to take my crew on a hay ride and buy pumpkins.  Fall used to be filled with tons of activities and school work centered around that theme when we were homeschooling.  All is not lost. There is a project/craft that I still plan on doing.

Each Fall- usually around Thanksgiving, we make what we call a "Thankful Tree"  We take construction paper of yellow, orange brown, green, and trace our hands.  After we cut out our tracings, we get a marker and write down one thing we are thankful for. These are the 'leaves' for our tree.  I then take brown construction paper and make a tree trunk and branches.  After that is tacked on a wall or the front door, we then attach our leaves to the branches.  Its become our little fall tradition over the years.  Its been a great reminder to be thankful even for the little things.

I'll have to post pictures when our project is done.  Happy Monday & Happy Fall!

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