Friday, September 7, 2012

First week update

  • We got  the first week of school down.  One full week to come starting Monday. 
  •  Each day this week my feet hurt.  I spent plenty of time running and "capturing" my little students that have a habit of  running away.  So not used to this since I have been working with middle-schoolers for the most part since I began working. 
  • The chickadees had a great first week of school.  Noahkeem keeps begging to go to aftercare.  And he wont stop asking about it!
  • I bought 3 "packages" of Chips Ahoy cookies- because they were on sale and I lost  all 3 of them!
  • I have to figure out how to balance chores, dinner, activities, and work.
  • I was just notified that Monday is Grandparents Day @ the kids school (for Dolly & Nicole).  If you don't have a grandparent  you can bring a parent or special person. They both have their own ideas about who they want there. Unfortunately, I'll be @  work.
  • I now understand why Noahkeem always wanted to bring lunch from home.  School lunch looks nasty. (Not to mention served on styrofoam- which always has  freaked me out). 
  • Today they (my school)  served "ocean catchers" (their version of fish sticks), collard greens- looked okay but, didn't try  them and cornbread.
  • Yesterday's school lunch was a "chicken" patty.  No explanation necessary.
  • I still don't miss meat.
  • The mountain of laundry grew immensely even though all of us were gone this week. Does that mean I actually have to attack it?
Looking forward to a quiet weekend. I might even sleep late on Sunday. Wondering what the end of next week will look like.

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