Monday, September 3, 2012

Light Confessions

I've said so many time before --perhaps to myself or to others that my blog has changed into something different.  I find myself blogging less about my little people and more about the the thoughts in my head.  The thoughts that run around, the thoughts that quickly pass, the thoughts that  flash across my mind, the thoughts that slowly make their way across my mind as if doing a very slow back stroke.

I have some confessions today, nothing really deep.

  • I'm hardly a stay at home mom anymore.  Working full time this school year.

  • I used to think that people that live near the beach are happier than others.  Then I realized they just live near the beach and they are just people.

  • I don't home school anymore. I'm okay with that.  The truth be told we all home school our kids by what we model or don't model.
  • I'm not sorry for not being perfect.  Please don't require me to be.
  • Christmas time usually overwhelms me.
  • I hate the time line look of Facebook, I never wanted a timeline, Its confusing to me and it looks like the time line blocks of info are swimming around on the page. Now that Facebook has officially overwhelmed me, I'm thinking that  I just might yank my Facebook page/account down and disappear from Facebook land.  That feeling might change bu tomorrow. .   I rarely update anyway.. I tend to lurk and check up on a couple of people, look at their pictures and status updates.  
  • Facebook is a strange world.  I'm starting to think that the posts and the pics are probably more fun than one's  reality really is.  Its sad that we don't call each other as much or venture to snail mail. We facebook each other.  I'm beginning to feel its to much for me. I sad.
  • Ive started giving out my home number. This way if my cell phone rings, I know its someone I want to talk to. My special people have a special ring,  that probably will never change.
  • I can go  through the day without lipstick or lip gloss and still have a good day.

  •  I miss Sunday Morning coffee. I sometimes want to sneak out of service and go down the hall and get a cup and comeback when Ive finished the very  last drop. 

  • If its raining and I'm driving, I'm either trying to get home or going the extra mile for someone I love. People that know me know I hate driving in the rain.

  • I have no interest in Pinterest.  As a matter of fact Pinterest and magazines like Pottery Barn, make me wish for a perfect life and house that doesn't exist.  And it only leads me down a path of wanting stuff that I don't need but, want anyway because I think it would look great in my house but, deep down I know that its overpriced and is not built as well as they would have you think but,  what the heck? Its pottery barn.  Still  plan on using my mega Pottery Barn store credit sometime before Christmas.

  • I wish someone told us that we are not our possessions before we started accumulating them.
  • Sometimes when given the choice between  paper or plastic@ the store, I opt for paper just to  change things up for the baggers.

  • I probably won't ever make everyone happy.   I'm okay with that.  Are they?
  • I haven't eaten meat in 1 month.  I don't miss it.

  • I flip my pillow to get to the cold side.  There are many people who do this. Through a series of random conversations, Im slowly finding out I'm not the only one.
  •  I waited my whole life being mother.  I loved being pregnant, but, I don't miss it - at least not today. 
  • Butterflies are the only insects that make me smile.

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