Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Cookie's volley ball team had their first game of the season today.  The other 3 little people were excited about sitting in the bleachers and stomping around as they cheered.  I was just happy to be there (and yes, I drove in the  rain to get there with 5 minutes to spare).

When Cookie was  a baby, some days seemed so long.  It seemed like certain stages would never end.  Now here she is, in the 7th grade, on a volley ball team. She's hardly a baby anymore.  Where did the time go? How did it pass so quickly? 

She often reminds me how she will be driving in x amount of years, and how she will probably be going to college in x amount of years.  When she does this, we have a little laugh and joke around about how she will soon take over the grocery shopping and take me and the rest of the kids places we want to go.

We joke about how when she graduates from college, I will come to her place to see her every weekend... that probably wont happen.

Yet when she is not around, I think to myself, "have I taught her all the things she needs to know before she leaves home?", "What other things do I want her to know before she leaves home?"  "Does she know she can always return home if she needs to?" "Does she know how much I love her and how I am for her?".

"Have I been a good mom to her?"

Time is a mysterious thing.  Some days just seem to stand still. Yet at the same time the years fly by.

 What will I do with the rest of my time?

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