Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's the Word?

I've been thinking a lot about words.  Words are powerful.  They can give hope.  They can inspire.  They can give insight and clarity.

Words can cut down, discourage, and rob.  Words can break one's spirit.

What have I been told about the words we use? 

Words are like squeezing all of the toothpaste out of the tube and trying to put it back in....if the words we use are ones we regret.

Words are like opening a goose down pillow and shaking all of the feathers out while standing on the roof of a building.  Then imagine a  a strong wind rolling through that blows all of those feathers around town. Imagine trying to gather every single one of those feathers and trying to fill the pillow case again.  That's what gossip and hurtful words are like. You can never gather all of the words back again.

Words are like a runner on the last leg of a race.  A runner who is out of breath and sore from running. A runner who is sweating and is doubting they can make it to the finish line but,  then a second wind kicks in.  The runner not only crosses the finish line, but  does 10 more laps around the track.  That's the power of words. Words that encourage and spur one on to greatness.

How will we use our words today?  Will we build up or cut down? Will we breathe life or spread death? Will our words inspire or discourage?

What will we do with the power we possess in words?

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