Thursday, October 11, 2012

The smell of home made goodness

I got my new blades for my Zojirushi (Bread maker).  I was so excited to use it.  The first year that I had my bread machine I probably bought bread no more than 5 times the entire year !   I was turning out 2-3 loaves a week because no sooner than the loaves cooled, they were gone.

I was a little rusty on how to use the timer function.  There have been times where I have miscalculated what time I wanted the bread done by, only to have it  be finished at 2 in the morning.   Being the smart cookie that I am,  before leaving for work, I loaded all the ingredients in, I reread the timer section of the instruction manual, counted how many there are from 6:30-4:30, entered that in on the little screen on the maker and kept my fingers crossed.

When I got home a little  before 4:30 and opened the front door, it hit me....the smell of fresh baked bread!  My Zojirushi was here working away while I was work, Mixing the ingredients, forming the dough,  kneading it, letting it rise, kneading it again and finally baking it--all without my help.  

Thanking God this evening for the gift of modern technology.

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