Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attention Deficit Disorder

Typically known as a disorder that children and some adults suffer, attention deficit order occurs when a person is predominately inattentive and have difficulty  getting on or staying on task. Or others with Attention Deficit Disorder have difficulty staying on task because they can not control both impulses and activity.

Lately I have been thinking about how  the time we give to  people,places, and things that capture our attention to the point of obsession throws otherwise balanced areas of our lives off kilter and causes deficits in other areas of our lives.  We then create our own Attention Deficit Disorder of sorts.

If we by escape throw ourselves into seemingly harmless activities, or cling too tightly to people, or submerge ourselves at places ad nauseam because those elements  give us some kind of relief or quiets something within us, it causes us to become deficient in some form or another. 

I find that it causes deficits in  activities that we once enjoyed but have  stopped  participating in because our escape activity has taken over. It causes deprivation in meaningful relationships with others because the one or more people we are overly drawn to become the center of  our world.

Hiding or hanging out  excessively at places that are relatively harmless causes deficits because opportunities we have to go elsewhere  and experience new things are squelched or diminished  because we can't get beyond  or chose not to go beyond  our place of escape.

Could it be that we all suffer from a little attention deficit disorder at one time or another?  Giving our selves and our attention,  to people, places and things that seem harmless, and because our attention becomes so fixated on these things, we create deficits, chaos and disorder in other areas of our lives that were once balanced?

The first month of the New Year is quickly coming to a close.  I feel its never too late to reevaluate where we are in life and make changes that would encourage growth.  Today let's consider what is unbalanced, chaotic, disorganized, and what  we give most of our attention to,  so that we don't continue to  struggle with our own form of Attention Deficit Disorder and perpetuate meagerness in areas of our lives that were designed for order, balance and harmony.

May we all have a fulfilling New Year, beginning today.

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