Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank you

Lately,  I have had to turn down my own awesomeness so that I could hear God better. In the middle of my winter, all I can say  to Him is, "Thank you!"

Thank you Lord that you know all of me.  That your hand is upon me.  Thank you that whether I hear you or not,  see you or not, I can rest in the knowledge that you are here.  Thank you that you are my provider, thank you that you read my mind, you know my biggest dreams and my deepest thoughts.  Thank you that you are my peace.  Thank you that you calm my fears.  Thank you that you are with my in all my failures and all my successes.  Lord, in all of my struggles, and triumphs, thank you Lord that you meet me right where I am.

I came across this video of Lisa Page Brooks singing, "I want to say Thank You".  Wanted to share it with you.