Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This is where my new story begins...The truth

I have put down my blog for a long time because my life took so many unexpected turns.  Many things important to me died in my life... including this blog.  I think its about time to give life to it again.

I am writing a new story.  A story that I guess I have been writing all along.  A story in which I am the one holding the pen.  I'm pretty sure their will be a shift in my blog, the way I write, who I touch...but, then again, maybe not.   As I give voice to my new story, I have discovered some new truths and some truths that I have always known that  are perpetually before me.

The truth is :

   *   I am in the middle of a divorce and all of the nuances that it entails. 
   *   This storm continues to shape me despite the many days that I feel that I'm already shaped.
   *   Everyone has their own version of the truth.
   *   Sin cheapens relationships.
   *   There is something more to this life and I will find it.
   *   I am forever thankful for every opportunity to laugh and play...literally.
   *   I am grateful for friends that have become my sisters.
   *   I am thankful for God's mercy and protection.
   *   Whatever you feed will grow.

So now what?   Psalm 39:7, "And now, Lord, What do I  wait for, My hope is in You". (NKJV)


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